Our Services

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As our client’s requirements have grown, so has the diversity of our services at Ben Harvey Construction.  Providing you with the comprehensive and cost-effective services you deserve is what distinguishes our company from the rest.


Pre-Construction Services

Many clients wish to utilize our expertise during the design phase in helping to establish budgets for various needs.  We may participate in design meetings to ensure the accuracy of our estimates by capturing design intention and elements that have not been fully detailed in the drawings.

Ben Harvey Construction knows the critical importance of a well implemented preconstruction phase.  It can significantly save clients’ money and time.

During pre-construction, the project is fully programmed from budgeting and pricing to schedule and project execution.  It is during the pre-construction that the plan is developed and during the construction is where it is executed.

Pre-construction services include:

  • Program Evaluation
  • Preliminary Construction Budget
  • Surveys the Facility
  • Reviews concept designs
  • Value Assessment
  • Scheduling
  • Safety and Logistics Plan
  • Subcontractor and Vendor Bidding
  • Bid Analysis
  • Contracting of Subcontractors and Vendors
  • Constructability


Construction Services

Ben Harvey Construction provides comprehensive construction services when it’s time for shovels in the ground.  We supervise, coordinate, and manage construction activities to ensure safety, completion, and that it is properly constructed in strict accordance with the contract documents.  To complete construction of the project we provide the necessary labor, materials, equipment, tools, temporary utilities and facilities.


Construction Services include:

  • Supervision of subcontractors/trades
  • Project Management
  • Jobsite coordination meetings
  • Client progress review meetings
  • Monitor/update project schedule:
  • Vendors and equipment suppliers
  • Inspection and testing services
  • Site-specific safety program
  • Document control and cost accounting
  • Monthly project status reports
  • Implement quality control and safety programs
  • Approval equipment/systems
  • Prepare final punchlist and conduct inspections
  • Create equipment operations manuals and assist in client training
  • Documentation, equipment warranties and guarantees to the client
  • Expedite project close-out, participate in commissioning activities
  • Coordinate client move-in and building occupancy


Construction Management Services

Ben Harvey Construction offers clients a full range of construction management services, to ensure the success of the project.  Through detailed estimates, value engineering and design review, as well as intelligent subcontractor procurement and project management, Ben Harvey Construction provides incisive cost control.

The foundation of our construction management services includes the involvement of Ben Harvey professionals at all stages, utilizing our proven procedures and services.  We are always looking to find new ways to leverage our resources for the benefit of our clients.


Design/Build Services

Ben Harvey Construction will provide single-source control for clients, allowing us to manage and assemble the design team and keep the project moving forward.  Ben Harvey believes construction delivery is the client’s choice-GMP, lump sum, or cost plus, to allow you to stay informed and manage risk.


LEED/Sustainability Services

Ben Harvey Construction assists its clients in achieving their targeted levels of LEED certification, by guiding them through design considerations, construction materials selection, building systems and operational procedures.  Ben Harvey Construction assists in ensuring that your project achieves the targeted certification as expeditiously, economically and efficiently as possible.